Welcome to Pine & Bedford.


At P&B we value authenticity, innovation and responsibility.  

Authenticity is acting with transparency and integrity about the ingredients we put in our products.

You will see this in our labeling both with what we put in our product but also how we label our product. We provide ingredient names in the mandatory INCI (International Nomenclature for the Cosmetic Industry*) language of Latin, but most of us do not speak Latin so we also augment that with English and French (where they differ significantly). How often have you thought that an ingredient must be a chemical or something harmful just because you could not pronounce the Latin ingredient name? Not anymore. Not with our 'trilingual-ish' label. i.e., trilingual enough to help you bridge the latin gap. 

Innovation is thinking boldly and differently about how our customers use product and how to keep our products as green as possible.

This is not easy in an industry laden with green washing and misinformation. To us, it means staying clear of ingredients like Parabens, Animal Products (Tallow, Lard, Lanolin, Beeswax and Silk), Phosphates, Phthalates, Sulfates like SLS & SLES. We also stay clear of biodegradable plastics for shrink-wrapping because biodegradable wrap is not compostable and can find its way into our water supply.  We continually look for healthier ingredients that can perform the same function at lower levels of toxicity.

Responsibility is about taking ownership about the kinds of products we produce and the quality and origin of the ingredients we use.

We have Soap Collections that range from simple (one-oil Castile Soap) to complex (9 oil & butter) blends. From lower risk, fragrance free soaps for those who have allergies and skin issues, to blends that are luxuriously fragranced and very pampering but higher in price.

We trust you will find a soap that is perfect for you and if you cannot, please contact us so we can understand your requirements.

*In Canada, soap is considered a cosmetic. In the USA, soap in not considered a cosmetic and therefore does not need to meet the stricter regulations outlined by the Cosmetic Industry and Health Canada.