About Us

Welcome to Pine & Bedford Handcrafted Soap.


Pine & Bedford was borne of a love of good quality bath products and a growing distaste for pthalates, sulfates and other harsh ingredients.

As I became more informed about the harmful ingredients hiding in my own favourite soap, scrubs and shampoo, I began creating higher quality products myself -- for my personal use. 

When I retired from the corporate world, I started receiving requests for products from family and friends so I declared them "unpaid product testers". I got delightfully caught up with tweaking recipes, loving how the science blended with the art of it all.  

Our product line is vegan and made from high quality oils and butters. The majority of our products are moderately fragranced by IFRA (International Fragrance Association) standards; which means you will smell them when you are using them, but not from the next room. This was important to me when I was making products for my own use.

Before long I had a mountain of soap in my living room and out of necessity I began giving it to friends, securing more unpaid product testers. I even took (and still do take) bath product grab bags to dinner parties tied to my bottle of wine for host and hostess alike.

When friends of friends began to ask me to sell them products, I decided to launch a website and consider selling at handcrafted fairs and events.  

Here we are.  So glad you stopped by. 


A special shout out to our wonderful testers (you know who you are), to Kris Rasmussen who fearlessly ships orders for us when we head south for the winter, to Cory Hughes for his help with our logo and his assistance setting up and navigating Shopify, and to Gus Douboulidis (KarvDesign) for making our soap stamp. We couldn't have done this without you. We are blessed. Thank you.