Bar Soap

At Pine & Bedford we firmly believe you should NOT smell your bathroom soap from the living room. That said, we MODERATELY fragrance our soaps based on INFRA (International Fragrance Association) guidelines. You will smell them when in use, and for a short time after drying off. You can feel comfortable using our soaps if you work in fragrance-free office.

Our bar soaps are preservative-free, and we do not remove the glycerin like commercial soaps. We use only vegan oils, and fragrances that are phthalate-free.

We have a number of formulations to suit your needs:

Triple O - 100% Organic Olive Oil Castile soap is as simple as it gets for those with extreme allergies

50/50 Coconut/Canola soaps provide a light and fluffy lather experience

Every Day Lather soaps starts with bubbles and works into a beautiful creamy lather.  When rinsed, it leaves skin feeling squeaky clean.

Extra Bubbles soaps have  enough bubbles and lather in which to shave and leave you feeling  clean and hydrated.

Luxurious Lather soaps are made with higher end oil and butter to ensure they are extra hydrating. Great for aging or dry skin.