Pine and Bedford's slatted plastic soap dish - blue.
Pine and Bedford - top view of blue slatted soap dish. Excellent for handmade soaps because it keeps the soap dry by keeping it out of standing water.

Plastic Slatted Soap Dish

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Soap dishes that have drainage or slats, help extend the life of handcrafted soap because water drains away and keep the soap dry. 

Did you know? It is important to lift vegan soap out of standing water. Vegan handcrafted soap is softer than store bought soap because vegan soaps are typically made with a portion of soft oil (liquid at room temperature as opposed to tallow lard found in many store bought brands) and without preservatives.                           Preservatives are not necessary in soap, but you will find them in store bought brands because they extend shelf life by guarding again oxidation. This soap dish collects drained water.

You should use handcrafted soap with a year of purchase as it will lose its fragrance and the soft oil will begin to oxidize. It will still clean, but it might not be as appealing as the store bought soap with preservatives.

This soap dish weighs 31 g / 1.1 oz and measures approximately: Length: 13 cm / 5 inches. Width: 9.5 cm / 3.75 inches. Height: 2.25 cm / 1 inch.